Summer Fine…Summer Fun

Once Memorial Day hits our clothes get shorter, our skin gets darker and the nights become a little longer. People who hardly come out are at the day parties and hitting the beaches. Well while some of y’all look forward to eating barbeque and taking a dip in the pool I am hoping to come across someone that really sparks my interest so I can make him my summer time sweetie. I do not know about you but it is just something about that summer love that makes dating so fun and less serious.

Okay so throughout the year I have periods and times when I (think) want something more serious and I play with the idea of being committed. As soon as summer hits I just want to enjoy a situation that has no expectations, no rules and no title. I want that feeling of excitement and not knowing what will happen from one day to the next. I wish I can take my seasonal attitude towards dating and apply it to the rest of the year but I enjoy the few short months of being free spirited and feeling so easy going that summer brings. What is funny is that your summer boo seems to come so unexpected. Is it just me or is your summer lover more fine that any other man that you had during winter, spring or fall??? And again, is it just me or does it seem like your summer fling is just that…a summer fling and once fall hits it was just a memory? Personally I have never had a guy that I met over the summer that has outlasted the hot months and turned into something more serious or romantic. What is strange is that guy may not have impacted me much but the situation did…and here is why…

Even though it is important to keep in mind what you are really looking for but sometimes we take the fun out of a situation. I think the reason why we see less or even no lasting relationships is because we are too busy trying to control something so unpredictable. Having a little summer boy toy can teach us a little something, it shows me that it is okay to have fun and letting the good times roll but it also shows me that nothing lasts forever….

Check out one of my favorite songs that sets the tone for me during summer TLC “Digging on You”

-The Single B*tch

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  1. Whew…. You took me back to high school summers. I haven’t had a summer fling. Mine are normally winter boos and let up when the summer hits. This may give me a way to think about my summers from here on out.

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