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Being A Single Milf Isn’t Easy

Firstly, shouts out to ALL the MILFS out there!

What I consider a MILF is a woman who still did not lose it after having a baby and that I am not just referring to her body. No matter your marital status being a mother is by no means easy but being a single mom who is not married is even harder. I do not know exactly why I like using the phrase MILF but for me it is a compliment and it makes you feel sexy.

Just to give you a little personal background on me I became a mother at the age of 20 and I have never been married and since my child has been born I have not been in a committed relationship. When I think of a single MILF I never think of the stereotype but unfortunately I know that others do. More than likely majority of people probably think of a single mother as someone who is struggling, little or no help from the child’s father and has a  low paying job.  It was hard for me to socialize with other moms at my child’s schools because 95%, if not all, were married at home moms or their husbands were making bank. The bottom line is that they were married and I was not. I always felt like I would be judged just because of the fact that I am single, fairly younger than most of them, had a child but none of them knew of my accomplishments. Even little things like showing up to a birthday party  (outside of personal friends and family) required a whole thought process for me. For once I think it would be nice for me to enter a birthday party with my son and a beau in tow with me. Maybe the guy could get with the other men present and talk about what men talk about. Even after working all day, cooking and getting the kidlet ready for bed I have to get my home improvement on. Little things like changing a light bulb, killing spiders and bugs and attempting to fix anything that is broken sometimes makes you wish that you had another half.

Regardless if you are single or not it takes a special type of woman to become a REAL mother. On top of wearing a cape, pumps, stethoscope, and a wonder woman cuff you can now add MILF to your title 🙂

P.S. Lets not forget to give props to the real fathers out there…they deserve kudos too. I know I am thankful for my dad and my child’s father…they are THE SH*T

The Single B*tch

I Guess Patience Really Is A Virtue

I am not sure who quoted or said this but something that I live by is that you cannot think beyond your exposure what you thought you were ready for now may not be what you need at this moment. When I think of this, I think of the fact you cannot be ready for what you have not experienced or have knowledge of. We live in a generation of instant gratification. We are so use to having the world at our fingertips that when we want it, we want it now.

I became a mother at 20 and I was enrolled and college at that time. I was in college for about five years but then I thought that I had been a student for too long and on top of that I was not even working. Eventually I graduated and found a job that worked for me. I guess at that time I felt the need to rush my life and get things in order because I had a child to provide for. I felt like I was behind and needed to take 20 steps forward because I knew people who were making things happen. I soon learned that comparing your success or life to someone else’s WILL MESS YOU UP EVERY TIME.

Most of us have the same goal in mind…SUCCESS. I think the real struggle is figuring out what success means to you. Each of us take different paths in life. Some of us reach our destination faster or slower than others because we may have more resources or fewer obstacles than some do. Patience is key. If you jump at the idea of something too fast you may miss out on what is actually planned for you. Not to mention…you will waste your time and that you can NEVER get back. Just know that because it is not happening for you now does not mean that it never will. Even though sacrificing is important but being obedient to what your heart says, instincts and who you pray to is greater. When you think about something day in or day out…GO FOR IT! Failure is not the worst thing that can happen. Just be still and know that what is for you, is for you. It just may not be your time yet, but when that alarm clock is set and ready to go off it is time for you to wake up and get what is yours!

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” John F Kennedy

-The Single B*tch