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What Men Think About Us

Of course we as women know what irritates us about the dating process but have you ever wondered what men think? Of course you all do and that’s why I, as your sis, did you all a favor. I reached out to a few men and asked them what irritates them about dating us! You know I love my fellow sisters and I am all about girl power but hey we need to hear the criticism too. You may not want to hear this but umm men have needs too. If you want to see what they said please continue reading… Continue reading What Men Think About Us

Computer Love or Bust?

When it comes to dating and meeting people the way to do things are constantly changing. Some changes are for the good and some for the bad and the rest is what better suits you. It seems that people of all ages are actually giving online dating….so I must admit I decided to give it a try.

Child I have the worst luck when it comes to dating. I have been known to recycle men. When I say recycle I mean I keep the same guys in rotation to keep from getting some new peen. I think it is sexually safe but it is not good emotionally. I have a pretty healthy social life. I use to go out almost every weekend but now it is more like once or twice a month or just going to the local bar and grabbing a quick drink. So the fact that I do not meet the guys that I desire is quite mind-boggling to me. I had a talk with my daddy and he actually recommended online dating to me. He said that most free sites are usually hookup sites so he referred a well-known paid site to me. I always judge online dating in a negative light. I thought it was for people over 40, creeps, people with weird fetishes and fantasies and for people looking for sex. My phone, along with a certain body part, has been dry and I have been wanting the company of a man so I said what the hell. I tried a free dating site and I lasted only a couple of days. The guys were trash along with their horrible profile names and immature messages so I was quickly turned off. I finally tried a different site and the guys were definitely of a higher quality. Like they say…you get what you pay for so I guess it is safe to say that I am a little excited about where this will take me.

Before there was a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter there were chat lines, Myspace, Blackplanet, yahoo groups, note passing and three-way calling. I always thought that I would meet my future mate at the gas station, in the produce section at the grocery store, in high school, in college or either at the local neighborhood bar. Unfortunately I feel that some people forget about what makes a relationship great or what dating is all about so the way of meeting people and the importance of getting to know someone has changed. If you want something you never had sometimes you have to do the things you have never done.

-The Single B*tch