The Moon And The Stars…We Cannot Have It All

Call me a negative Nancy but I do not think it is possible to have everything that you want in a man. Let’s face it, men are not made like they used to be so I think we women need to accept the fact that we cannot have the moon and the stars.

Not that we should lower our standards but some women should eliminate some of the superficial things that we look for in a companion. I feel that we would be a lot happier and a lot less lonely if we compromise some of those “qualities” that we can do without. Now men on the other hand, they do NOT understand this logic. They are stupid as shit. I come across many unhappy men who are just stuck with a trophy. Eye candy is good until all of the sweetness has gone. They know what is good for them but instead they pick what looks good for them. I think men go after an idea rather than who the woman really is based off her characteristics. Men like the image that a woman may give even if it is only superficial. This is irritating as shit to me because women with substance and that will truly love them for them will get overlooked. This leads me to my next point that these women (the ones with more substance) are targeted and most likely made a side chick because men want their cake and eat it too. They want what is pleasing to the eye and ego but will play around with what is actually good for the soul.

I am still holding onto the fact that I will find my shooting star


With Love,

The Single B*tch

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