Timing Is Everything

Have you ever wanted something so bad that no matter what you did it just did not seem to work? It seems like whether it is personal or professional things do not happen when you want them to, they happen when you need them to. Many things in life are worth waiting on especially love but sometimes it is difficult to wait on something especially when you have expectations.

I have always been the type of girl who played the field or was never in a rush to settle down. Basically I was never the relationship type of girl. What I mean by that is you will not see me jump from relationship to relationship and I can feel comfortable on my own. I came across a guy who was different from the guys that I have dated in the past. He has an admirable career as a teacher, adored his mother, was involved in the church, very spiritual, had great values, respected strong women, he was eclectic and loved life. My friends all tell me that I am very aggressive when it comes to dating and some men may not know how to receive such confidence so I decided to take a different route with this guy. I tried my best to be more lady-like or have more set rules when dating. So since I thought he was worth the time I decided to try this out. Welp…this did not go as planned. We had some very good times but I asked him what he was looking for and a girlfriend was not one. I decided to hang in there because of course, like all women, I thought that I could change a man. Oh was I wrong! We did not end badly but I did cut things off at that time. Looking back on the situation I really wish that I would have done things differently. Hindsight is always 20/20, or at least it should be, but at that time I was not even ready for what I THOUGHT I wanted. Who was I to even map out some unknown plan?

First thing’s first…YOU CAN NOT CHANGE A MAN OR HIS MIND UNLESS HE HIMSELF IS READY TO DO SO. Secondly, do not let someone else’s expectations influence how you should date or how you think love should be. Sometimes we think we need or should have certain things because of what others around us have. What may work for someone else may not work for you. When you have interest in someone it is good to let things happen. Do not get me wrong, if you and the person you are dating want two different things then the best thing to do is let it go! Look at it on the bright side…you may not have exactly what you wanted but you did not leave empty handed. It is nothing wrong with a friendship instead. If you ask me…I think that is why things do not last. There is no proper foundation of friendship. Waiting for something perfect to happen is a waste of time because you may miss out on something great waiting for something that will NEVER happen.


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