Too Damn Comfortable

As a single girl I think it is important to be comfortable with who you are and your relationship status. You shouldn’t feel sad about being single or feel rushed to find a significant other, you should just take this time to get to know yourself and focus on your wants and needs. Although I enjoy being single, I think I have gotten too damn comfortable.

I have been single for a long ass time. In fact, I am too ashamed to tell people how long I’ve been single because I am afraid that I may be judged. When I first became single I was sad as shit because you get used to having someone around. After I got over not having a man, I looked at being single as a period of redemption, self-reflection and I even went through some growing pains. Now I LOVE being single and I may love it too much. It’s sad but I have gotten to the point where getting to know someone new is exhausting and I’d rather not do it. It may sounds strange but I hate going on dates. I am used to having my own space and freedom to do whatever I want and going as I please. To me being single is like the old saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”. Yes, I get lonely sometimes but to tell you the truth it’s not hard to get attention if I want it. As a woman it is easy to go through your contacts or your Facebook friend’s list and hit up an old boo and tell them to come over. I may not have some steady dick to call but better believe that I can get some if I wanted that too. Now where the frustration lies is being able to find some of quality. Yea, it is easy to get it but it is hard to get exactly what you want. I honestly do not feel the effects of being single until I get all drunk and in my feelings. Now that’s when the buried emotions begin to surface. Then I realize that no one is designed to be alone. Shit, we were put on this Earth to procreate. That alone lets me know that we all need someone.

I think it is important to be comfortable but being too comfortable can be handicapping. We all know that nothing grows from your comfort zone. At what point do you decide that it is time to take some baby steps and get back on the dating scene? I think comfort comes from fear and love is nothing to be afraid of.



The Single B*tch

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