Use It Before You Lose It

If God didn’t give a woman anything else he gave her intuition. Maybe it is just me but it is almost like you know it before it happens but you just need that one tad bit of proof. All it takes is that one gut feeling and we are already on edge. To sum it all up… We ain’t stupid ( well some of us aren’t). The most dumb thing you can do is ignore your initial feeling because 9 times out 10 it is right.

For some women in a relationship they notice the changes in their man and know something is up before the sh*t hits the fan. Well for me my intuition kicks in immediately when I meet a guy. Unfortunately I choose to ignore it at times. Personally I know how it feels to want something that you already know isn’t for you. For the first time in a long time I met a guy that I was extremely attracted to physically and sexually. When I met him, I knew something wasn’t right. It doesn’t mean that he is a bad person but what he had to offer at that time is not parallel to where I am in life. I had all of the signs in front of me such as his inconsistency, what I saw on his social media sites and what others told me. Maybe I am a little silly but I NEVER go by what others say. I like to go by the motto IF I DIDN’T SEE IT, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! What is kind of crazy is that no matter what I am feeling or even seeing I know I am still going to check it out just to see what will happen.  I really could care less what others think but see I have a big ego and I hate to prove myself wrong. As I am sitting here writing this I am wondering why a lot of women do this (don’t act like you don’t) and I think I somewhat have it figured out…

We women have a natural-born gift of intuition but sometimes I wonder if our gut feeling is being affected by what we hear or see. If we are looking for something we will find it EVERYTIME! Being a woman I have learned that through experience we learn how to recognize patterns. I am beginning to think that listening and letting your intuition guide you has a lot to do with your inner growth. So maybe I have not grown internally and emotionally as I think I have and again that is why I choose to be single at this time. We need to learn how to sometimes mute the selfish desires, especially when we know something is not for us, and comfort so we can find a way to seek the truth

-The Single B*tch

5 Simple Steps that lead to your inner guidance:

1) Take a moment out of your day to spend quiet time alone.  No electronic devices allowed!

2) Now take pen to paper and begin emptying your head. Spontaneously write whatever comes to mind. You’re creating white space. Clearing the path to the door of inner receptivity.

3) Next, put down the pen and spend five minutes in silence.

4) Ask for assistance, answers, guidance — whatever you need.

5) Listen…  Trust…  Follow…

5 simple steps that lead to your inner guidance was quoted from

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  1. Unfortunately for me I’ve had so many terrible experiences in the past that I usually enter a new relationship with skepticism already in tow! I know this sucks because there are some really genuine guys out there who aren’t married, with several kids, a few side pieces, STD’s, entitlement issues…. etc. I know people say if you don’t have any expectations you won’t be hurt if it doesn’t work out but women, as much as we like to think we’re in control of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions we’re really not… One sour text message can mess up our whole day lol If a man is taking care of you and treating you like everything you’ve every imagined of course you’re going to catch feelings and become psychotic if you find out he failed to mention he has a wife and two kids in North Carolina (true story BTW)… SO I can’t speak for every woman but I can say I am single because I don’t see myself fully trusting a man enough to give him the power to break my heart. My intuition has a mind of its own and it cranks up every time I meet someone new. I immediately wonder “what he got going on already?” “I wonder what his end game is” blah blah blah…My mind is my own worse enemy so for now it’s best that I play the field until God says otherwise.

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