What Do You Really Miss?

Breakups, we have all been there a time or two. Even if you did not experience a breakup, you know what it feels like to work towards something and it not work out. During the new-found time alone you may experience plenty of emotions and maybe some emptiness. Sometimes I wonder if it is the person that you will miss or could it be the routine and the idea of a relationship or having someone around? I think it can be a mixture of all those things plus more.

When you have been single for a while and then you find yourself in a relationship it can be a pretty tough journey. I also think that when things do not work out after you have been single for an extended period it seems to sting a little more than usual. One minute you’re getting good morning texts daily and then suddenly your phone is dryer than an unconditioned scalp. You go from looking forward to date nights to going to bed early on a Friday night. Oh, and let me not mention how you go from getting regular dick to using your hand or going to the nearest sex store. Lord knows I get tired of my remote and phone sharing the other side of my bed with me. No lie, I’m so used to sleeping alone that one side of my mattress has a dip in it. With that being said, sometimes I wonder if we actually miss the company of that particular person or do we just miss having company? Do we miss being in a relationship or do we just hate the fact that now we are alone? Are we sad that the relationship ended or are we just hurt that we invested time into something that turned to shit? Hell, sometimes even missing his/her family is enough to make you feel like shit. I think determining the cause of the hurt then dealing with it will help you get over it a lot sooner.

Dealing with a breakup can be hard but don’t let it take a toll on you. I know it’s easier said than done but you will get over it. I promise you that you have probably been through more tough experiences and if you haven’t, you will. If you sit down and put some thought into the person you were with, were they even that important to you or was it more about what you put in? Think about that and then see if you still feel the same afterwards. You will probably still feel a little hurt but if it turns out that the person did not hold much weight in your life, then it will make moving on that much easier.

Love always,
The Single B*tch

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