What Is In Your “Hoe Bag”?

Let’s not act like we don’t know what a hoe bag is but if you do not please let me enlighten you. Just imagine that you are laying around your house in sweat pants and an old t-shirt and you get a call or text from your sweetie that says “come over” and at that point you hop up, shower and shave every inch of your body. After you have transformed more than likely you may pack what I refer to as a “Hoe Bag”. A hoe bag is what you pack when you are in route to your boyfriend’s, side piece, play toy or whoever you are letting play in your pocketbook house. I think a hoe bag is a staple in almost every girl’s trunk, well at least it is a staple piece in mine. Maybe what I call my overnight bae bag is a little vulgar but you can call it what you want. I often wonder if you lined five women up and told them to open up their hoe bag what would be in there? Let me tell you what is usually in my Barney Bag.

  • My best lotion or body cream
  • Body scrub
  • Lingerie or some type of sexy clothing
  • A hair wrap
  • Possibly an adult toy
  • My own unscented soap (you know most men use very strong soap and my cookie jar can’t handle that)
  • A razor just in case my esthetician missed a piece of hair on my v-jay
  • And the rest of what I will bring can’t be touched or bought

So if you are not shy I would like to know what is in your overnight bae bag. Please comment below and let’s have fun ladies!!!


Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch



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