What Men Think About Us

Of course we as women know what irritates us about the dating process but have you ever wondered what men think? Of course you all do and that’s why I, as your sis, did you all a favor. I reached out to a few men and asked them what irritates them about dating us! You know I love my fellow sisters and I am all about girl power but hey we need to hear the criticism too. You may not want to hear this but umm men have needs too. If you want to see what they said please continue reading…

  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Being too passive and lacking action (if you want to hang out just say it)
  • Being too materialistic and bragging about the brands you wear or the bags you carry ( I got this response from more than one man)
  • More than a couple men mentioned that some women like the idea of having a man but struggle with having a man because he does “man shit” ( I guess being too manly)
  • Not knowing how to let a man take charge (this was my most frequent response)
  • Women who change once they get the man
  • Flashy women
  • Women that are not humble
  • Women who talk but doesn’t listen
  • Irresponsible women
  • Women who do not have good hygiene or does not keep a clean home
  • Women who are in the spotlight too much and frequent the clubs
  • Not offering to pay or help out on the bill after a few dates ( got this twice)
  • Not being able to converse or keep the conversation going
  • Not knowing when there is no connection
  • Being insecure
  • Asking too many questions to the point where it feels like interrogation
  • Not being able to be submissive
  • Being indecisive especially about food and where you want to eat ( I got this answer three times lol)
  • Bringing up a situation, problem or topic and not wanting to discuss it. Do not bring it up if you do not want to talk about it
  • Nagging
  • Not getting a warm towel after sex
  • Lazy head (oral sex) and not swallowing (hahahahahahaha)
  • Giving too many details about past relationships
  • Reaching for the door without giving the man the chance to open it (aww such a gentleman)

Yall I had so much fun doing this post but I also thought it would be a good chance to see where we as women can possibly realize that we have problems too. If you guys like this post and would like to see more like it please fill out the form on the contact me page.

With Love,

The Single B*tch

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