Why Her?

Cleaning, cooking, holding your tongue even when you did not want to and supporting him in whatever he believed in but you still was not the chosen one. Have you ever dated a guy that would not commit to you but months later he has someone else and he actually gave her what he did not give you? I remember I asked a guy that I dated why he did not choose to be with me and his response was ” I just was not ready for you at that time.” At first I did not want to believe it but then again I have been in his shoes before. It is like when he moves on to someone else or he treats them better, you can not help but to take it personally. Why is it that you do not deserve the hugs, kisses, trips and time? Physical attributes are not the only things that matter but damn more than likely the new girl does not look better than you and more than likely she offers HALF of what you do. What leaves me baffled is that 9 times out of 10 he probably made a downgrade.There was a point and time where I felt like I was not good enough because I was never given a title or the treatment that the next girl got.

I feel that most men are more superficial when it comes to dating than women are.  Some men think that they will find bigger and better when more than likely she does not exist. Just because you think that something is better, it does not make it better for you. Then you begin to feel like that maybe you were too much woman for him and who knows, his new relationship may not be that peachy. I often wonder if men chose to stay with certain women because its easier to stay with her than to put forth the effort with someone they really want to be with.

There is a chance to learn from each miss. Do not think of it as a failure or missing out on what could have been, think of it as something he was saving you from and you did not even know it. I think you may owe him a HUGE thank you…a thanks for saving me from you!

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch

3 thoughts on “Why Her?”

  1. I completely agree with this post. Had an ex break up with me to get engaged and then break it off to come just be friends with me. I felt like the fool a year later for allowing it. I gave him an ultimatum and he basically told me he doesnt see a future with me only because he’s never forgiven himself for breaking my heart the first time. Im appreciative of him now because I compromised so much to “love” him. I should send him a card and flowers lmao.

    1. I think he really did you a favor. If you would have stayed with him, in the back of your head you might always wonder if/when he might leave again.

  2. I agree with you!!!!! It’s funny how later on what you thought you couldn’t live without you’re doing fine without him. Unfortunately at the time you can’t see that… Sometimes it still makes you wonder

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