Women, Can We Have Sex Like We Wear Our Clothes…Casual?

I am starting to agree with men. I do not think it’s possible for a woman to just have casual sex with a man. As women we are already emotional beings and to engage in such intimacy with a person and not begin to have some type of feelings for him is unheard of. Maybe it is just me but I believe that if a woman can meet a brand new person and have GOOD sex with him and feel nothing must have some type of issues. By issues I mean she is going through some emotional problems at the time. Let me elaborate…

Okay so we already know that these days people are more sexually expressive. In fact I think women are more open minded than men. I remember being younger and people were having “cut buddies.” If you never heard this term before it’s basically someone that you have strictly a sexual relationship with. Now I do believe that we can have sex with someone without commitment but I am starting to believe that you can’t have sex without some type of relationship. Let’s be real for a second, have you ever had enjoyable sex with someone that you do not have a history with, that you are not interested in or you do not have any plans to make something more out of it with? Personally I am in denial with my own thoughts on this topic. One thing is for sure, I could NEVER imagine doing someone that I am not or have not been interested in at some point or time. I was talking to my best friend and we were discussing how if a woman told a man that all she wanted was to bone he wouldn’t respect it like he claims. So then I started thinking, I don’t think I could honestly just be physical without having anything else. Also, like myself, I think some women have it confused. Casual sex, in my mind, does not involve hanging out or conversing it’s just straight boom pow pow and that is it. I think it is time for us to start being honest with ourselves…

We have to really figure out what it is that we want. Now you may be a person who can have sex with someone with no strings attached and believe me I am not judging you. I sometimes think that some of us settle for just being with someone physically because we can’t have what we really want from that person. To be honest in my case it is a defense mechanism so I will not catch feelings. Again, like everything else in life I think you have to be in a certain mind frame to be able to accept and come to a realization. Last but not least women please remember how important it is to be confident and always communicate what it is that you want.

-The Single B*tch

4 thoughts on “Women, Can We Have Sex Like We Wear Our Clothes…Casual?”

  1. WELL I have to say for me it just depends… I always want what I can’t have. If our relationship is purely intimate and the guy becomes more clingy and attached then me I kinda get turned off by that. I think those are more feminine traits. BUT let a nigga hit the walls right but still keep a good distance I’ll be all in my feelings like why isn’t he beating my door down and blowing me up? I think some women are capable of carrying on a strictly sexual relationship IF THE SEX IS GOOD but in order for that to be successful she needs a man (or two or ten) on the side providing her with the romance and relationship extras that all women crave. Most women have created their idea of the PERFECT man in their head but more then likely that man doesn’t exist because we can be very unrealistic. SO we find comfort in have that one guy who breaks your back like no other, the guy who sends flowers to your job, the guy who surprises you with a trip to Hawaii… Until we find the one man whose qualities aren’t everything we ever dreamed of but they’re good enough to cut everyone else off for. SO, in conclusion I do think some women are capable of having a sex only relationship but in the end there will always be conflict of some sort.

    1. Exactly… I can’t speak for every woman but for me personally I think it’s almost impossible. Unless I just really need my socks rocked but in that case it would have to be someone that I’ve been there with before

  2. Wellllllll…. It is possible. It’s something that must be learned. Life can teach you how to separate the physical from the emotional. Is it healthy? No . Emotionally it can take a toll simply because after going on for so long dealing with guys having no emotions involved, a girl forgets how to be a woman. She forgets how to embrace the art of being a woman. To feel and to have emotions. I did this for years… But when it was time for me to have feelings for someone I questioned what I felt. I didn’t think it was right to actually have the feelings I did. It was strange. I did what I did because like you said it was a defense mechanism. I did it to protect myself from being hurt. Guys couldn’t hurt me if I didn’t feel anything for them. Looking back I learned so much about myself. Being hurt is a part of life. People break our hearts and we break other peoples hearts. It’s life. You live your learn you move on.

    1. That’s right… You live learn and move on. But when someone is in an unhealthy place in life it can be quite dangerous for yourself. I think when a woman isn’t sure of what she wants access how she feels it can be such a rollercoaster ride.

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