Would You CHOOSE A Baby BEFORE Marriage?

 It is no secret that the way we do things now are not as traditional as they used to be. See I am the type of girl who is traditional with a splash of modern so I tend to be drawn to things and thoughts that can be referred to as “old school”. As I have mentioned before, I am a mother that has never been married and that is totally okay with me. Would I want to marry and have more kids one day? I absolutely would but sometimes I wonder if that day will ever come. I have plenty of friends and associates who are beautiful, career driven young women but they have never been married (or anywhere close to it) and have no kids. Lately I have been hearing more conversations of women who are thinking of having “arranged pregnancies”.

What I would call an arranged pregnancy is a woman choosing a partner to co-parent with but without the romantic relationship or marriage. When you look around there are plenty of women who choose to adopt or even go to sperm banks in order to have a baby because they decided not to wait on the perfect partner. I have to be honest, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. I actually contemplated asking a long-time friend to knock me up and just give me my baby damnit. Then I came to my senses and realized that I am being impatient and in the end I would ultimately be cheating myself because deep inside that is not something I would sincerely want. Now if other women choose to do so, that is fine too but it is not for me.

So women, what do you think? Is becoming a mother so important to you that you would decide to take the man out of the equation? Is it because you truly want a child or is it because you think that the partner you always wanted will never come? Your thoughts please.



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4 thoughts on “Would You CHOOSE A Baby BEFORE Marriage?”

  1. I know I couldn’t do it. I mean I have to deal with this man the rest of my life! I would really prefer to get to know him and build a life together, get married.. then have a baby. But I know some women want a child regardless, like a relationship/man is just a bonus.

    1. Firstly thanks so much for taking the time out to read my blog!

      Yeah I would definitely like the “conventional” family myself because there are great benefitwith to it. But I hear so many conversations of women either considering going to a sperm bank or asking someone to partner with them to make a baby because true love is so hard to find and time is ticking. I think it’s so interesting to hear women speak about taking the baby before marriage

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