Your Friend’s Brother…Is He Off Limits???

As women I think we have accepted the fact that we will not find the moons and the stars when looking for a mate. As I have stated before, I think that some of us are single because we do not change certain things about our dating habits in order to get what we want but are there lines drawn to who you can date?

I remember being younger and I would not want to date a friend of someone I used to date or if that guy attempted to pursue one of my friends before, I would not want to date him even if it was yeeaaarrrrrssss ago. Besides dating a close friend’s ex or an ex of a family member, one of my biggest rules is not dating a friend’s bother. How do you all feel about dating your friend’s brother or your friend dating a family member of yours? I am not too sure about dating my friend’s brother simply because I would not want to ruin a friendship. I would rather have a true friend over a boyfriend any day if he is in some way shape or form related to my friend. I would feel like I could not have regular girl talk with her because I would not want to give TMI. I like to tell my friend about all of the good sex that I have but I cannot tell her that her brother is giving me the best dick of my life! It just would not be right….YUCK.
Do you believe it can work? Do you believe it is possible to go through a breakup without your boyfriend’s sister getting involved? Do you even feel like it matters?

Give me your feedback!

Love always,
The Single B*tch

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